Our 5 focus areas

Topigs Norsvin is more than the best genetics. With a comprehensive international research department and a technical services team, our customers can fall back on unsurpassable knowledge and support and tailor-made solutions. We rapidly and efficiently deliver the best genetics available and help our clients to maximize the potential of our products.

The Topigs Norsvin research and technical service teams work in five platforms:

In this platform, our researchers develop and aggregate knowledge about male and female fertility. The technical services team advises on best practices for on-farm fertility. This leads to the more effective and faster distribution of superior genes and better fertility results. They also help AI centers to be cost-efficient and quality-oriented.

Health and environment
The research program on health and environment contributes to the breeding of robust pigs that perform without production dips. Pigs that can cope with challenges. Achieving higher animal welfare is one of the goals. Our veterinarians advise producers and other partners on health and biosecurity, and they facilitate in the genetic dissemination process.

Carcass and meat quality
The platform carcass and meat quality contributes to a safe and efficient production of tasty pork. This means improving lean meat content and the quality and number of valuable cuts from carcasses. The technical services team develops and shares knowledge. They offer solutions that solve challenges faced by slaughterhouses, processors, packers, and retailers.

Feed and feeding
The feed and feeding platform technical service team develop feed formulation and feeding strategies. The obvious products are feed manuals for the different lines and crosses. The researchers focus on proper modelling of weight and feed intake development and the relationship between genetic improvement in pure lines and the expression of this in crossbreeds.

Genomics and genetics
The genomics and genetics platform realizes and implements breeding improvements. Using and developing the latest technology like genomics, machine learning and improved statistical models boosts genetic progress. Breeding program managers implement the best breeding strategy on our nucleus farms and on our customers’ farms too.