TN Duroc built for survivability

It is essential to have robust, full-value, and profitable pigs in today’s market. With greater feed efficiency, survivability, and carcass characteristics, the TN Duroc has advantages in profitability. In a recent experimental study, the TN Duroc demonstrated these characteristics and the profitability necessary to continue navigating today’s challenging market conditions. The objective of the study was to evaluate performance differences between the TN Duroc and an industry-relevant competitor Duroc line, under conventional health conditions.

A total of 945 TN Duroc offspring and 864 competitor Duroc offspring were placed in a commercial research barn for the trial. Upon placement, pigs were tracked through marketing. Body weight and daily feed intake were recorded at the pen level. Mortality and carcass characteristics were recorded at the individual level.

The TN Duroc offspring had better feed conversion (2.48 vs. 2.51; p = 0.04) along with 0.14 fewer pounds of feed consumed per day (4.53 vs. 4.67; p < 0.01).

TN Duroc-sired finishing pigs also demonstrated greater survivability with 3.0% more full-value pigs (90.7 vs. 87.7; p = 0.05) and 3.2% fewer dead or removed pigs (7.9 vs. 11.1; p = 0.02) throughout the trial.

Lastly, improved carcass characteristics were shown in the TN Duroc-sired finishing pigs with 0.57% greater carcass yield (p < 0.01) and better carcass feed conversion (3.37 vs. 3.44; p < 0.01) compared to the competitor Duroc line.

The combination of better feed efficiency (live and carcass), and more full-value pigs coupled with fewer mortalities and improved carcass characteristics (greater yield) demonstrate the additional profitability the TN Duroc can bring to your operation.

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