Topigs Norsvin: 100 years of genetic progress

On February 24,1922 Dutch pig farmers established the Centraal Bureau voor de Varkensfokkerij* (CBV) with the aim of improving breeding. The founding of the CBV formed the start of what is now Topigs Norsvin. That means 100 years of genetic progress.

Over the past century, the organization has grown into one of the largest swine genetics companies in the world, active in almost 60 countries. Just as in the early years, innovation is still the main driver. Consequently, there are more opportunities than ever before to realize genetic progress that benefits clients around the world.

100 Years of progress by Topigs Norsvin is mainly a century of contributions to the success of pig farmers and the pork sector. Topigs Norsvin is a world leader in the field of pig breeding and has been an important partner for progressive producers for a hundred years. This is partly due to the unique and rock-solid combination of pig farmers’ input (who are still a major shareholder) and the possibilities that technological innovations have provided and still provide today.

This combination also means that Topigs Norsvin is the inventor of balanced breeding. A breeding vision that considers the entire animal. In other words: not breeding for a limited number of characteristics for the short-term, but the breeding of a better pig in its entirety. The aim of all these efforts is to realize long-term and future-oriented pork production.

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