Tips to feed the Topigs Norsvin sow around farrowing

Catalin Nicolaiciuc is Global Feed Specialist of Topigs Norsvin Global Nutrition Services. This team of specialists provides advice to customers but also to feed producers and advisors regarding nutritional requirements to unlock the maximum potential of Topigs Norsvin genetics. The nutritional requirements of the modern sow have changed and nowadays we need to pay more attention when there is a period of diet transition, like the time of farrowing.

Catalin’s tips to feed the Topigs Norsvin sow around farrowing time:

  1. Move sows to the farrowing crates 5-7 days before expected farrowing and check that they get the right diet and amount.
  2. When possible: use a special (transition) diet for the days before farrowing. Feed it from the time of arrival in the farrowing unit until 2-3 days after farrowing. When this is not possible make sure there is a smooth transition of raw materials between gestation and lactation diet.
  3. A good transition diet should focus on a smooth transition of raw materials with gestation and lactation diet but also on right type of fibers and electrolyte balance.
  4. Correct feed intake is crucial. A high feeding curve can lead to issues like mastitis, metritis, agalactia (MMA). A low feed intake can lead to constipation, low energy intake leading to extended farrowing time resulting in more stillbirths.
  5. Free access to water is essential because a limited water intake can lead to constipation, dehydration and might have also relations with the incidence of prolapse.

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