Research from conception to consumption

Research from conception to consumption

Every year Topigs Norsvin spends over 19 million on its research, development and support (RD&S) activities, which includes our global data collection that is increasingly on customer farms, to drive the genetic programme and ensure our customers benefit from our industry leading technology.

This RD&S expenditure represents nearly 15% of total revenue in the business and puts our R&D investment ratio ahead of innovative technology companies like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon and on a comparable level with Google.*

Such a large research programme requires a division of the activities to ensure each area of our work receives the necessary attention from people with the appropriate specialist knowledge. We have realised that with the establishment of five research platforms.

  • Reproduction
  • Robustness and animal welfare
  • Feed and feed efficiency
  • Meat and carcass quality
  • Genetics and genomics

Each platform prioritises their research goals in line with its remit and the needs of the business.

The platforms represent all points from conception to consumption within the pig sector. This starts with the reproduction platform continuing with the robustness and animal welfare platform, the feed and feed efficiency platform and finishing with the meat and carcass quality platform. This is all supported with work from the genetics and genomics platform, which works across all sectors to ensure that innovation is captured in the genetic improvement programme.

Each of the articles in this We magazine about the research showcases a piece of work from a different platform. The studies illustrate the vast breadth of the research programme being undertaken at Topigs Norsvin and the commitment to innovation and the advancement of knowledge. Moreover, it demonstrates that despite the broad range of challenges addressed by the research programme we can achieve the common goal of Progress In Pigs by working together.

*based on 2014 data

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