InGene the best ‘homemade’ sows

InGene the best ‘homemade’ sows

With InGene you can produce Topigs Norsvin sows on your own farm using the knowledge and support of Topigs Norsvin. You effectively become the breeder for your own farm and benefit directly from the genetic progress of Topigs Norsvin.

With InGene, a part of the sow herd on a farm is pure line. The pure line sows with the best TSI are inseminated with semen of the same line to breed the next generation of the pure line sows on the farm. The balance of the pure line sows are inseminated with a different pure line to produce F1 parent sows.

With this breeding program only semen is introduced on the farm, rather than live animals, which minimises health risks.

But most important: the InGene programme gives producers access to semen of the highest genetic value, from the top of the Topigs Norsvin breeding pyramid. And that pays off in an age where genetic progress is faster than ever before.

But InGene is more than the best genetics. It is also about being connected to the worldwide breeding programme of Topigs Norsvin. The third element of InGene is the support provided by our breeding specialists. With their knowledge and expertise they help producers to use InGene efficiently and with maximum added value.

Bigger producers use InGene

One of the countries where many farms make use of InGene is Spain. Isabel Portal and Jonatan Sanchez-Osorio are two of the InGene specialists that support many clients. They see a clear trend that bigger integrated producers are using InGene. ‘That also works the best.’ Isabel Portal explains: ‘These farms can work with a herd of pure line grandparent sows grand parent sows that is big enough to do good breeding and selection. That, as well as the involvement and willingness of the farm staff, is essential for the success of the system.’

One of the remarks Jonatan Sanchez-Osorio hears is that InGene costs extra time. Sanchez-Osorio: ‘It does not take much extra time, I notice that farm workers and managers need to be more precise. For example, in their work they have to pay a little more attention when inseminating and when writing down data.’ This extra attention has positive benefits though. ‘Often the extra attention results in an improved general management on the farm. In that way InGene also leads indirectly to better results.’


InGene is:

⇒  Best genetics from the top of the breeding pyramid.

⇒  Knowledge & support from Topigs Norsvin specialists.

⇒  Reduced health risks.

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