Topigs Norsvins’ innovations for better meat quality

Carcass and Meat quality

Topigs Norsvins' innovations for better meat quality

The success of selecting Topigs Norsvin breeds for meat quality traits lies in high-quality rapid analyses combined with the possibility to select directly for traits like intramuscular fat and drip loss.

This kind of data is unique to the Topigs Norsvin breeding programme. It enables breeding for high meat quality in combination with good production efficiency and robustness.

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a modern technology that we use to measure many of the meat and fat quality traits in our lines. Topigs Norsvin applies this highly accurate methodology on a large scale and it provides us with high-quality phenotypes.

The high heritability’s of meat quality traits that we achieve have facilitated selection for meat quality. This allows us to maximise genetic improvement in production efficiency, while at the same time delivering a high-quality end product.

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