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Our products

Sire Line

Norsvin Duroc

The Norsvin Duroc sire line is robust, productive and lean, and with a 50 percent contribution to the market hog it promotes full program product quality.

  • Vital piglets with a high lean meat percentage
  • Very low feed conversion rate
  • High meat quality
  • Bred with CT scan technology



The Tempo boar excels in the vitality of its progeny. Tempo boar offspring are fast growing, strong and robust pigs from birth to market. They have a high total feed efficiency through low mortality and efficient feed use.

  • Very high tolerance and robustness: low mortality
  • High number of live-born piglets per litter
  • Strong, uniform and rapidly growing pigs
  • High feed intake and high performance, even under challenging conditions
  • Ideally suited for restricted-feeding and liquid-feeding systems
  • Excellent carcass meat quality